The first steps to having Exquisite Wedding Flowers at your wedding is to get in touch!

I welcome all forms of contact, either phone, email or personal callers to our Ballynahinch studio.

Call the studio on 02897 561117, if I'm out and about the call will divert to my mobile. If I don't answer, it's doesn't mean I don't want to chat with you, it just means I'm busy making someone elses wedding equisite. Leave a message and I'll you back as soon as possible.

Or, drop me an email using the form below or direct to ObscureMyEmail. I normally reply within a few hours.

I look forward to working with you.


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David McConkey

The Studio
Down Business Centre
55 Antrim Road
BT24 8AN

Tel: 02897 561117

Mobile: 07767 494568


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