Centre Pieces

The table centrepiece is a very important arrangement at a wedding reception, as a guest at a table you want the flowers either to be sitting low on the table or on a tall vase or stand in the centre. You never want to block the view of a guest chatting around a table.

In this gallery you will get an idea of what can be created for you.


  • centres Oct181
    centres Oct181
  • centres Oct1810
    centres Oct1810
  • centres Oct1811
    centres Oct1811
  • centres Oct1812
    centres Oct1812
  • centres Oct1813
    centres Oct1813
  • centres Oct1814
    centres Oct1814
  • centres Oct182
    centres Oct182
  • centres Oct183
    centres Oct183
  • centres Oct184
    centres Oct184
  • centres Oct185
    centres Oct185
  • centres Oct186
    centres Oct186
  • centres Oct187
    centres Oct187
  • centres Oct188
    centres Oct188
  • centres Oct189
    centres Oct189
  • centres feb211
    centres feb211
  • centres feb2110
    centres feb2110
  • centres feb2111
    centres feb2111
  • centres feb2112
    centres feb2112
  • centres feb2113
    centres feb2113
  • centres feb212
    centres feb212
  • centres feb213
    centres feb213
  • centres feb214
    centres feb214
  • centres feb215
    centres feb215
  • centres feb216
    centres feb216
  • centres feb217
    centres feb217
  • centres feb218
    centres feb218
  • centres feb219
    centres feb219

David where do I even begin? Words cannot express how blown away I was by the flowers and what they added to the day. Nearly every guest commented on how beautiful they were

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