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The Most Important Day of All

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As a wedding florist and planner, weddings take up a large part of David’s mind and day. He thinks about all the finer details, he’s surrounded by colourful blooms and meticulously works with each couple to fulfil their dreams for their special day.

But there is one day that surpasses all others, that is the Wedding Day of your daughter. An immensely emotional occasion that David was proud to help plan and organise to create the perfect day for his little girl.

Here is s a sneak peak of the Hannah and Michael’s special day with some stunning photos and a very special moment – David’s speech.

Pastor David Dunlop, Pastor Hadden Wilson, Moyra & Frazer, Family & Friends.

On behalf of Sharon and myself we would like to thanks each & every one of you for joining with us on this very special day , the marriage of our beautiful daughter Hannah to Michael.

This is an important day for me… as I resuscitate my bank account and hand over Hannah’s spending habits to someone else. It has also been a very emotional day so far and I have just glance over at the wedding cake and it is also in tears.

It was back in April of last year when we first heard the name of Michael Evans, and it’s wasn’t long after this that we had the pleasure of meeting Michael and over the past few months, it has been wonderful for us getting to know him and his lovely family.

Michael as I ponder on what I could say about you, I listened to other friends, some of them have said he’s very handsome, some have said he has a great sense of humour, and many have said he’s a very talented man, well that’s enough about me so I thinks it’s only fair I chat about you Michael!

Michael, there’s is only one word to describe you and it is simply this, you are in every way a true gentleman. From the evening we first met you, you have been nothing more than courteous to both Sharon and I and it was evident from a very early stage in your relationship with Hannah that you were very much devoted to each other. So Michael on behalf of Sharon, James & Ashleigh, I welcome you into the McConkey Family and I’m very proud this evening to be able to call you my son in law.

Hannah was born on February 6th 1989, and she shared her birthday with my late father who sadly along with Sharon’s parents are no longer with us, but I know the influence that they had on her life was very special from a very early age.

Hannah, like Michael, I can only find one word to describe you and that word is simply this, you are BEAUTIFUL, not only are you beautiful on the outside, but you are truly a beautiful person from within.

Hannah, your mum and I are so very proud of you, for your amazing achievements in life , from Annahilt Primary , to Ballynahinch High School , and then on to Lisburn College which lead you to Stranmillis College in Belfast and then to Newcastle-upon-Tyne where you obtained you PGCE earlier this year whilst holding down employment here at home.

We have watched you go through difficult and happy times in your life and never once do I ever remember you complaining. You have always held your head high and your strong Christian faith has carried you through any trials that have ever come your way.

As I look at you my daughter, I can’t help but reflect on all the years I was fortunate enough to watch you grow and become the beautiful woman you are today. You captured my heart on the day you were born, and I became more and more in awe of you as the years passed by. You’re my little girl, my princess, my ray of sunlight, and no matter what your age, you will always be all of those things to me.

Today, as I watched you marry a wonderful man, I’m filled with pride and am confident that you and Michael are about to embark on a wonderful journey filled with the love and happiness that can only come as man and wife. May the two of you always treat each other with love, compassion and kindness.

Be true to each other always; share your joys and your burdens; love much and laugh much; be each other’s best friend. Always speak well of one another, even in private. And when things don’t go so well, forgive as often as it is required. Married life is an adventure and you embark today on that adventure together. Even though you are individuals, your covenant today makes the couple more important than either of you separately.

Hannah your mum and I love and adore you and we wish you and Michael a very long and a happy life together, and Michael if I had one piece of advice to give you I would suggest you remember three little words that I know will carry you through many years ahead and they are simply this, “YOU’RE RIGHT DEAR.”

This day would not have been possible without the help of so many wonderful friends that I have in the wedding business and it would be remiss of me not to mentioned each of them personally.

First of all to , To Mr Stephen Meldrum , Mr Niall Burns ,Mr Kerian Murtagh , Lauren, Hazel, John and all the staff of the Slieve Donard Resort & Spa for everything that they have done for us as a family, not only today but over the many years that I have been involved with Hasting Hotels.

To Sarah B for dressing this room so amazing.

To Matt & Carrie for the photography

To Gary & Hugh from Video Visual

To our fabulous musicians, johnny Ireland, Karl McGuckin, Conceinto Choir, Marion Jordon & Arco String Quartet.

To Karen & Michelle who have worked alongside me in designing the flowers.

To Kenny K for his part later this evening and Eimear Bradley who you will all hear very shortly.

To Elizabeth Frances for designing and creating all the beautiful dresses, and Noleen from Darling Stationary who design the wedding stationary.

My lovely friend Liz Cahill who has pulled everything together this afternoon and has also made sure if anything has gone wrong I haven’t been informed.

My very best friend Jenny Stirling who design the wedding cake for this very special occasion.

Today would not have been possible without the support of a very special lady in my life and to you Sharon I want to say thank you for 33 years of marriage, which has brought us to this very memorable day.

And lastly can I ask you all to please stand with Sharon and I as we wish Hannah & Michael all the happiness in the world , ladies and gentlemen would you be so kind and raise your glass and toast the new Mr & Mrs Michael Evans.

David where do I even begin? Words cannot express how blown away I was by the flowers and what they added to the day. Nearly every guest commented on how beautiful they were

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